Adhesive magnet&Magnet with adhesive


Flexible Magnetic sheeting are made by Strontium ferrite powder with CPE. Form in profiles, strip and sheets by extrusion/calendaring method.
Adhesive kinds: chinese indoor adhesive;chinese outdoor adhesive;3M;Tesa;Nitto...
-Products can be stamped, slit, punched & laminated


  It can be mainly used in magnetic attraction devices for the refrigerator,disinfector, furniture door, articles for culture and education, advertising signs,stepping motors, electronic equipments, magnetic therapy apparatus and sensors.   

Tickness:magnet usual 0.3~3mm;adhesive about 0.2mm
Surface:Usual one side laminated with adhesive(3M,TESA,NITTO,Chinese doule-side tape...)

HS Code:85051900003
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