magnet is magic

magnet is magic

     fridge magnets( Refrigerator Magnets) use to be promotional or souvenir.

     Usually fridge magnets( Refrigerator Magnets) are made by rubber magnet and 4c print artpaper,of course,more and more material join in,sometimes,sinter ferrite magnet,ceramic,PVC,wood,plastic etc.

    At frist,fridge magnets( Refrigerator Magnets) is a simple protional products,Along with the development of fridge magnets( Refrigerator Magnets) had change to be a souvenir,office products,home products,educational product etc, such as tinplate fridge magnet,save the date magnet, magnetic to do list, glass magnets, magnetic letters, magnetic writable board, magnetic bookmark etc.

    Zhont souvenir focus on souvenir magnets and promotional magnet, more and more field and continued efforts,magnetic products will be popular gifts or souvenirs.

    Magnet is magic,rigt?