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     Zhont souvenir founded as a professional manufacturers of  fridge magnets and flexible magnet.located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,CN.

Main products: 
     Fridge magnets/Photo Magnets/Glass Magnets/Magnetic notepads/Custom fridge magnets/save the date magnets/Magnetic bookmarks
     Flexible magnet/magnetic foil,Extrusion magnetic strips,Flexible steel,custom magnet...


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Use:Retail souvenir;Advertise;Collect...

Compose:magnet,paper,glass or crystal

Compose:magnet,paper,PP. notepad

Usually compose:magnet,paper,PP

Full color print magnet with perfect edge press

Fridge magnets last for long term and high-frequency exposure

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Materials:rubber,ferrite magnet,vinyl,adhesive...
Size:Max width 1000mm,Min thickness 0.15mm;customize

Fridge magnets have come a long way since their inception. In today's modern era, usage of fridge magnets is not restricted to a mere a piece of attraction placed on the refrigerator as in the case of souvenir magnets but there is lot more associated with it. The businesses have realized its importance and have started its usage as one of the most important advertising and marketing element. They are considered an important aspect for the whole advertising and marketing strategies nowadays.

Observing the upsurge in the usage of magnets in such an innovative manner, we at "Zhont Souvenir", aim at providing people with vast assortment of fridge magnets that can be used in several ways.

Keeping a simplistic and focused goal of manufacturing vast array of fridge magnets, we design, develop and manufacture some of the best and attractive photo magnets that can be used as a souvenir or even as a marketing and advertising element. We give our customers a chance to get their ideas and thoughts incorporated in their fridge magnets, this means, and that we proudly design the custom fridge magnets as per the specific client details.

Since our inception, we are majorly and purely into refrigerator magnet manufacturing and are located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, CN. We (Zhont Souvenir) have introduced the latest type of magnets in our process of manufacturing to keep up with the pace of changing times and requirements.

Give us a chance to help you and serve you in the best possible manner and also take along a healthy, long-term and professional relationship with you. Speak to our highly skilled professionals to know how actually it all works!

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